In Need Of YouTube Subscribers

We just cracked the 1,600 mark of likes on our facebook page - thanks to everybody who liked us. If you read that for the first time, please go to our Facebook page and like it. 

One thing where we need subscribers is our YouTube page. This has less to do with the band's ego and more with the fact, that we would like to take care of the analytics YouTube is offering us. It tells us the regions where we are strong (as in getting recognition) and where we have to venture out to play for our fans (basically you.) And it does that anonymously, meaning we don't know who likes our channel, we only know that people in this certain area do. In today's world where most of the income for a band is generated by our live gigs, we need to know where to play for our fans. 

So if you have a minute, please go to our YouTube channel and hit that red "Subscribe" button! You only will get notifications if you sign up for them with the Bell symbol, which we encourage, so you would be the first ones to know, when we are going to post our new video for our new single "Drove Me Anywhere." 

If you really want to help us, please subscribe and share this post on your social media, tweet it, put it up on facebook, share it on Instagram or other social media accounts you are using and are comfortable with. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope to reach that magic number (100) soon.